Sunday, June 27, 2010

Once a Month!

Well, I'm posting about once a month now and I'm not surprised. I'm not much of a blogger, never really claimed to be. I do believe that every now and then I'll have something significant to write about, but for now this is the best way for me to communicate the stuff happening with The Mission.

It's been roughly 6 months since we officially started The Mission. Right now I'm relearning for the millionth time that things take time, be patient, stay focused, don't get discouraged, and trust. Good Grief! You'd think I'd have figured these things out by now. I'm as convinced as ever that God is up to something in our midst, but sometimes the details get a little fuzzy. Here's what I'm struggling with right now:

Horizontal Leadership instead of Vertical Leadership. I'm so tired of the "up the ladder" form of leadership that has held the church captive for so long. I'm continually amazed at the amount of money I was paid in the church world to do a 1/4 of the work I do now at Walmart. The specialized, professional, and pampered pastor in today's churches mostly lead from the top, without any real involvement with the "Average Joe" in their community. How did we create such an organization? How have we managed to scrap the horizontal, intimately relational church of the first century, and turn it into a business run by "leaders" (that's church language for CEO). If you're wanting to pick a fight with me about deacons/bishops/elders of the first century church being equivalent to today's evangelical mega-church organizational chart, then bring it on.

Conversations about politics. I can't make any sense of how American politics and Jesus fit together. Frankly, I'm disgusted at myself for taking so much time to think and argue about this stuff. Wasted hours indeed! Enough said on that issue.

Money. Money sucks... both figuratively and literally. It sucks in the sense that it is THE most important thing in our lives ( I wish that statement weren't so true). And, it literally sucks the life out of me. Money and God. God and Money. Money is God or God is money. Which is it for you? Be honest!

Heat. My armpits are in a state of perpetual leaking. Since I work outside and underneath hot vehicles I'm slimy and sweaty all day.

People that don't get it. I wish I could just get everyone (as in Globally) to just listen to me. I promise I could fix you all.

OK, so I'm just being a little sarcastic about most of those things, except the pampered pastors and money. Every now and then you just need to let some things out and vent... so I did. In reality though, I'm blessed beyond my imagination to have a wonderful family and faith community. Things are a struggle sometimes. And, sometimes those sometimes are longer than others. But, we live now knowing that better will be in our future. People will meet Jesus. Lives will be changed. Justice and peace will happen.

Mission Update
The Mission Dayton is struggling through it's first summer. When five people are out of town it drastically changes the size of our group. Summer is just a tough time to do anything, especially continue the momentum from a very exciting spring. Fall is right around the corner though and we are nearing a move into our "next" meeting place. More details should be coming soon about that. In a few weeks, we will be starting a video series through Reggie McNeal's book, The Present Future: Six Tough Questions for the Church. I'm excited about The Mission being challenged to think outside the box about the church and it's place in our community. I'm praying for big things to happen in the life of our church as a result of this series.

I'm so grateful for all of you that support us with your prayers and resources. It's humbling to know that so many are willing to give up their money and time to help us. May the Lord continue to bless you as you seek Him. Until next month...


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