Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Mission Dayton

The Mission is a new Faith Community in Dayton, TN. It was started with the hope of connecting people to each other and to God. Here's a brief description of who we are:

"We are a community of ordinary, broken people committed to the stubborn hope that God loves his creation and will restore all things to Himself. The mission of God to redeem the world is therefore our mission, as together we pursue justice, celebrate beauty, love our neighbors, and share the good news that God is building a new kingdom in our midst under the authority of Jesus Christ.

We look to Jesus—his life, teachings, death, resurrection, and eventual return—as our example, as together we seek to live in authentic, loving community with one another and those around us. We believe the Church is at its best when it sacrifices and serves.

We are regular people committed to living out the Mission of God in community and for the community."

If you're out there in or around Dayton and you're not connecting in a local church, please get in touch with us. We would love to hang out!

10,000 Blessings,
Brian Ward
The Mission Pastor

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