Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More on the Job and My Self...

Ok, so I got a job at Walmart as a Customer Service Manager. Getting this job has caused some interesting thoughts over the last few days. On one hand I'm excited that I got a job that will allow me the flexibility to pursue my first passion which is starting The Mission. On the the other hand I felt some embarrassment about working at Walmart. I felt like I was somehow above that kind of job.

Here's some good old fashion irony for you. A pastor sent to minister to a community thinks he is too good to work alongside the community he was sent to minister to. I'm so glad that Jesus didn't think this way. I wonder how many fellow ministers out there feel this way about the community they were sent to shepherd? My first test in Dayton as a missionary to the community didn't go so well. Pray for me to do better when the next one comes along.

Until now I've been paid a handsome salary to do the work of the Kingdom. I've never had to ask myself the question of whether I'd do this work if I had to support myself. I have to tell you that it makes a big difference. Each day I have to go about the work set out for me with a sense of dependence that rarely effected me before. I think anyone in a paid ministry position should have to ask themselves this question: Would I do this if I wasn't getting paid for it?

The last few months have been a very difficult journey for my family and me. Not much has worked out the way we planned it. Now, we are praying for a season of restoration. We want to be together again as a family as soon as possible. We want to be financially stable again. Not rich, just stable. We want a place to call home with our furniture and beds. I even miss our refrigerator sometimes. Please remember to lift us up in prayer over these next few weeks that God would provide for our needs the way He sees fit.

I'm reminded of Proverbs 16:9 where it says, "In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps." Well, we've made a lot of plans over the last few months. But, in faith we trust that the Lord is guiding our steps as He desires. If sacrifice is required on our part to bring glory to His name, then I'll do my best to follow. For now, I've got to get some sleep because I have to be at Walmart at 7 AM.


  1. Praying for you guys, Brian. We love and miss you all so much. So thankful for your job!
    Love from the Oregon Wards