Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sunday was great!!!

Last Sunday The Mission had a gathering at Kaley's apartment. Another great time of talking, learning, worship, and laughing. Nobody told me that starting a church would have so many awkward moments. Like, can you actually worship without music? And, when do we actually start the service when there's just 10 people sitting around a room enjoying conversation and relationship? It's not like in an established church where music starts or a person makes announcements over the loudspeakers. For now, we'll just have to go with more of a "we start when we start" approach. Besides, one of the most refreshing things about this new little faith community is the fact that we can have a gathering where catching up with a friend can actually happen in a relaxed, unstructured environment. I have this feeling, a kind of sad feeling, that it won't always be this way. I want us all to enjoy this time to the fullest while we have it so we will be compelled to keep this atmosphere of connectivity and warmth, even if God allows us to grow in numbers.

We stayed in the "Sermon on the Mount" for our teaching time. There's a familiar part in chapter 6 of Matthew that focuses in on "treasures". Pretty brave for a pastor to do a talk about money at only the second service. It wasn't about giving though. It was about perspective. Seeing "things" and "stuff" the way God sees them. I'm being challenged everyday to learn to live with less and less. There's such a great gulf that separates what we think we need and what God knows we need. We have to view money and stuff through our eternal lenses. We have to look past our initial impulses and measure the worth of something by its eternal value rather than its temporary satisfaction. If we do this and truly heap up treasures in Heaven, how will this affect our everyday lives? What are treasures in Heaven? What do think? Has God brought something to your mind as you've thought through these things? Commenting on this post would be a great way to share your thoughts.

We had a great time discussing these things and more last Sunday. I can't wait to get together again this Sunday and continue to look to God's Word for truth and transformation. Over the next month we will be revealing more about where The Mission is headed as a church. Make sure you're planning to be there and regularly checking this blog for more info. Love to all!

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  1. God has taught us much on money and things in the last 18 months. As we have prepared for this missionary adventure, we had multiple garage sales, giveaways...taking truckloads of 'stuff" to good will, etc.....just getting rid of stuff. Yet, during that time God was teaching us the unimportance of that stuff.
    Being a missionary, and living off of the support of other people is a trip - it changes you big time. Your faith stretches like never before, and although it is not at all "easy" it is certainly possible to gain God's "perspective" on finances. He has molded Johanna and I, taught us much, and disciplined us when we have lost focus. By no means have I arrived, though...as once was said...I am not what I ought to be...but thank God I am not who I was. Great thoughts, Ward! Keep 'em rolling, sugar daddy!

    Micah G.